Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I’m off skiing next week to Les Arcs in France, and I’m on the first ski lift to the last lift, so that’s 8hrs hard core skiing. Anyhow the biggest problem I face is getting a healthy lunch, this can be difficult because cafeterias inevitably offer a variety of junk food. From French fries to burgers, it is often difficult to find wholesome choices that provide enough energy for a hard days skiing. However, healthy options can be found. Here are tips for healthy eating at ski resorts
               Skip the French Fries. If you can, pass on the French fries. Generally high in sodium and heart-clogging fat, French fries are high in calories, but you won’t give you much nutrition.
               Trading your Cheeseburger for a Veggie burger. While a cheeseburger or a hamburger will provide some protein and momentary enjoyment, veggie burgers are healthier. They are filled with healthy vegetables, if your lucky, soy protein, too - so, most likely, a veggie burger will have protein compared to a hamburger.
               Try a Healthy Snack. If you need an energy boost, pass on cookies, muffins, of candy. An apple, banana, or orange is a healthier option. Also, remember energy bars or grain bars can make a good snack, as well, I actually choose “Eat Natural” bars, very healthy and keep me going until lunch.
               Salad or a Sandwich. Most ski resorts always offer a salad option, which is healthy. If you can buy a sandwich, adding vegetables, lean meat, and changing white bread to whole grain bread are easy ways to make your lunch that much healthier.
               Choose Your Drinks Wisely. Limit your consumption of soda, it isn’t the healthy at all. Don’t overdo the hot chocolate, (oh noooo) because it does have a lot of sugar tat burns off really quick. What should you really avoid? Pass on the alcoholic beverages until you’re done skiing at least. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself in a dangerous situation on the slopes. I cannot stress enough after 20 years of skiing how important water is. Try water, healthy juices, sports drinks, or soy milk. These should keep you hydrated, which is necessary while you’re skiing.

               Remember, bringing your lunch is an option. If you can’t stand ski resort food or you’re tired of buying the same things, don’t forget that you can always pack a lunch and include your own healthy favorites. 
So avoid ending up like this, eat healthy, drink lots of fluids and stay safe

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