Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hows the Cycling going you ask

Last week I started cycling to work 5K to the station and 5K from Euston into wok so that's 20K a day. It was hard pushed at first to get used to Cycling in London what with all the traffic and a few incidents thrown in where I couldn't declip from my clip ins quickly enough, resulting in some great photos for the Japanese Tourists. At the end of the week I was feeling great having clocked up 100K just from cycling to work and what with my Triathlon ride of 45K and a ride round the park with my lovely young lady thats a grand total of 165K, not bad.
I can only use the moutnain bike at the moment and am in the market for a fold up bike to negotiate the Train rules of no bikes during busy times but my PB for Euston to St James's Park is 11 minutes. 

Just from cycling to work my garmin has clocked it as 500 calories each way (Im having that checked as the iphone Map My ride clocks it as 300 each way) so roughly around 600-1000 calories a day from cycling to work, Not bad, not bad at all and it beats the tube

Hope you are all inspired by the sunshine and taking advantage of getting out on the bikes.  


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