Monday, 14 May 2012

Some exciting news just for you

$61 billion dollars and growing...

That’s how much greedy weight-loss
corporations steal from our pockets
every year...
And almost all of it is made dishonestly.
That’s a crazy amount of cash, especially
for an industry built on lies.
But now the real truth behind their devious
plans to keep us overweight can see you
getting in the best shape of your life... only 12 short weeks.
That’s right. It’s safe, healthy and best of
all... it lasts.

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Find out how two best friends went toe-to-
toe and used the fastest, safest and most
balanced way to lose 21 pounds... and
rediscovered their “high-school skinny”
And they did it all without starvation diets...
Without grueling workouts...
And without popping any dangerous pills.
Now the simple, effective 3-step secret
behind their fat-peeling success is
being made public...
And it’s something you too can use to
achieve the slim, toned figure you

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So no more expensive shakes to force

No more tasteless cardboard food to

And no more fad diets. For good.
There’s a fat-busting revolution taking

Here’s to winning the battle at last,

PS - What you uncover about the ‘weight
loss industry’ here may shock and disgust
you... but it will also leave you in the best
shape of your life.

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