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Energize yourself with Honey, Ginseng, Cinnamon and Bee Pollen

Energized Honey with Black Seed, Ginseng, Cinnamon and Bee Pollen

One of the things I have learned during detox is about energizing honey.  Honey is a miracle food; it never goes bad. It was reported that archaeologists found 2000 year old jars of honey in Egyptian tombs and they still tasted delicious! Many people find it rather surprising that bacteria cannot grow in honey because all things being equal, bacteria loves sugar. The unique chemical composition of low water content and relatively high acidic level in honey creates a low pH (3.2-4.5) environment that makes it unfavourable for bacteria or other micro-organism to grow. Thus, "Best Before Dates" on honey buckets indicating honey shelf life do not seem to be very important after all.

One recipe came from a herbalist who had the basics down, but as we now understand more about nutrition nowadays it can be tweaked somewhat. 

Honey has been long known as being a cure for the stomach and recommendations say take a spoon of honey with water before breakfast.

Surprisingly Honey is also good for cuts.  Using honey on a cut or graze will help heal the wound, I’m yet to test this one will let you know later this week.  There is however a huge difference in the many types of honey available.  Manuka Honey is one of the best honeys available.

Things to consider when buying raw honey is to make sure it is unpasterurized honey and not flash pasteurized at all.    Honey must be purchased in a jar and not in plastic containers.  Honey may absorb parts of the plastic if stored in plastic containers and become toxic.

Other benefits of honey are:
•               Natural energy booster
•               Treatment for all stomach ailments
•               Helps in the immediate recovery of cuts and burns
•               Used to help people lose weight
•               Will increase your immune system
•               Insomnia treatments
•               Hangovers can be remedies with honey

Bee Pollen Should be in Everyone's Diet:
It is a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients.  You must start out slow with bee pollen, such as 1/2 teaspoon of ground and then work yourself up.  It does not take a lot to be beneficial.  Like honey, you should look for bee pollen in glass jars. 
Why Should Ginseng be Included in Recipes?

Ginseng can be used several ways in this mixture.  You can use the liquid vials of ginseng, or capsules, or powder.  The powder is not cheap and should be refrigerated once opened. Ginseng Powder is easily mixed and works well.  Look for a good quality brand.  Look for either Chinese, Siberian or American.  You do not need a lot but for 1/2 kilo of honey, plan on using two tablespoons. 

Some of the benefits of ginseng are: Diabetes, insomnia, stress, rheumatism, headache, colds, protects the liver, increases the immune system, used for cancer treatment and is effective in reducing cholesterol.

Energy Packed Honey

•               1/2 kilo of raw unpasteurized honey
•               2 Tablespoons of cinnamon2 Tablespoons of Bee Pollen2 Tablespoons of Ginseng powder or one vial or 12 capsules
•               2 teaspoons of black seed oil (optional)
•               2 tablespoons of royal jelly (optional)
 One jar of royal jelly will last you for a year, as you only need a bit to add to your treatment. 
 Place all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix together thoroughly.  Place in a sealed jar, not plastic and take 1/2 teaspoon to one teaspoon daily.  More than that is not necessary. 

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